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Commercial Real Estate – Without the Headaches

Imagine investing in real estate without having to deal with the “Three T’s” – Tenants, Toilets, and Trash. Picture yourself owning a piece of a high-end, Class-A apartment complex with only a modest investment – and no time commitment!

Since 2020, Lakeline Properties has been making large-scale commercial real estate accessible to ordinary investors – without the headaches.

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Our Strategies

Value-Add Multifamily

Value-add multifamily projects are our bread and butter. We buy apartment buildings that need some love. We fix them up, increase the financial performance, and then sell for a profit. Think “fix-and-flip” on a large scale. It’s a beautiful thing.


Subdividing land can be fast and lucrative. In this scenario, we buy an undeveloped piece of land, divide it up into lots, and sell off the lots to builders. We don’t put up the buildings, but some construction is involved. We put in roads and utilities, and then we let builders do the rest!

Ground-Up Development

Another favorite business strategy is ground-up development. We buy bare dirt, figure out the “highest-and-best” use of the land, entitle, and build. When we’re done, BOOM – families have a new place to live, work, or shop. Can you imagine anything more satisfying?

Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate


Wall Street isn’t the only game in town. Good thing, too – when the economy sneezes, Wall Street catches Covid! The swings in the stock market can leave any investor with vertigo. Real estate provides a fantastic counterbalance.

Strong Returns

Over the long term, commercial real estate has historically outperformed nearly every asset class, including cash, bonds, precious metals, commodities, and even the stock market.

Cash Flow

Commercial real estate has tenants. And tenants pay rent. That rent can cover all of the property’s expenses – and then some. That leftover cash comes back to investors as cash flow.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Tax Benefits

Uncle Sam wants you to invest in real estate. So he provides generous tax benefits when you do. Perhaps the most well-known is depreciation. Techniques such as cost segregation and accelerated depreciation can boost after-tax returns significantly.

About Joel

Joel Fine

Lakeline Properties was founded by Joel Fine, a syndicator based in Austin, Texas. Mr. Fine is a seasoned investor whose portfolio includes

  • Sponsor / GP in six value-add multifamily properties in Austin and Houston, totaling more than 1100 doors
  • Managing partner in four ground-up development projects in the Austin area, covering 157 acres, 400 doors, and 43,000 square feet of retail space
  • Limited partner positions in more than 45 syndications across fourteen states, totaling more than 15,000 doors and 500 acres of ground-up development projects


Mr. Fine attributes his success to his remarkable coaltion of partners. In each of his past projects he has teamed up with distinguished, expert investors to find, fund, and buy assets with excellent profit potential. Past and current partners include:

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