Invest in Commercial Real Estate Without the Headaches

Lakeline Properties

Lakeline Properties helps ordinary investors achieve extraordinary results.

Our clients partner with us to passively buy and profit from large-scale commercial real estate with only a modest investment.

Commercial real estate has long been a powerful vehicle helping those with significant financial assets to become wealthy.

How about the rest of us?

Strong Performance

Over the long term, commercial real estate has outperformed most other asset classes, including bonds, precious metals, commodities, and even the stock market.

Modest Investment

Now, thanks to the power of syndications, people of modest means can participate. Imagine owning a piece of an office tower, regional mall, or large apartment complex for as little as $25,000!

Careful Analysis

Not all commercial real estate assets will profit equally. Investors face a variety of risks, from changes in interest rates to regulatory challenges. Management skill and location matter too.

Lakeline Properties reviews and rejects dozens of deals before finding one that is worth pursuing.

Our Latest Acquisitions

We invest primarily in Central Texas: Austin, Houston, and Waco. Here are some of our most recent acquisitions.

Royal Sienna Apartments

330 units
Missouri City, Texas
Acquired November 2021

Villas at Mueller

126 units
Austin, Texas
Acquired March 2022

Mueller Place

110 units
Austin, Texas
Acquired January 2022