Offering clients superior returns through passive ownership of commercial multifamily properties

Some of our past and current investments.

Multifamily real estate has long been a powerful vehicle helping those with significant financial assets to become wealthy. Over the long term, multifamily real estate has outperformed most other asset classes, including bonds, precious metals, commodities, and even the stock market.

Now, thanks to the power of syndications, people of modest means can participate. Imagine owning a piece of an $80 million, 400-unit apartment complex for as little as $25,000!

However, not all multifamily investments will profit equally. Investors face a variety of risks, from changes in interest rates to regulatory challenges (think rent control, or, more recently, "eviction moratorium"). As with all real estate, the location of a property can have a profound effect on returns. And, management skill plays a role: a mediocre property run by a great asset manager can outperform a great property run by a poor asset manager.

That's why Lakeline Properties reviews and rejects dozens (if not hundreds) of deals before finding one that is worth pursuing. Interested? Leave your contact info below and we'll schedule a time to get to know one another.

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