Cadillac Commons

Investment Opportunity

Lakeline Properties and KBar Group are partnering to acquire and develop 15 acres of prime real estate within five minutes of Tesla’s brand-new Giga Factory and International Headquarters!

Project Underway, Land Partially Acquired

We have already purchased 10 acres and will soon close on an adjacent 5-acre parcel. Our plan is to develop and build a mixed-use community with 265 Class-A apartment units and 38,000 sqare feet of retail space. The retail plaza will be anchored by a restaurant which will serve as a perfect complement to the apartments.

A Growth Neighborhood, in the Path of Progress

The neighborhood is on the verge of profound change. Besides Tesla, dozens of employers and thousands of jobs are inbound to the area. Tesla chief Elon Musk has announced plans to bring 20,000 employees to his factory here, and expects another 100,000 indirect jobs on top of that. Tesla has recently started building a battery factory next door. Blackstone has filed permits for a large logistics warehouse down the street.

The people working here will be looking for housing, dining, and retail options. But there is little competition nearby: the closest comparable apartment community is more than five miles away. A handful of small restaurants and tiny grocers dot the landscape, but otherwise the area is poorly served by retail.

We have commissioned two market studies, one for the apartments and one for the retail plaza. Both of the studies have identified significant unmet demand which will result in favorable rental rates upon project completion.


Strong Returns, Moderate Risk

We have structured this deal to provide strong returns to our investors with a very modest risk profile.

We are offering our passive investors a remarkable 16% preferred return on invested capital during the hold period, estimated to be 3.5 years. This payout will come before the sponsor team shares in any of the profits, providing a strong alignment of interests — we don’t partake in the profits until you receive 16% on your investment!

But, it gets better: we are including a profit-sharing component that will provide an additional payout that could boost average annual returns to 22% or more if we are able to achieve our financial projections.